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4dlife develops very innovative technologies with web 4.0® for companies, group of companies and organizations (governments, town halls, hospitals, universities, museums,...). These are 4dlife ORG solutions.

4dlife is a strategic project for your organization that will lead to knowledge, innovation and leadership.
See how:


With 4dlife you create a new layer in your organization allowing to build a new way to organize and navigate, to connect people, to deal with information. From all this we apply Artificial Intelligence.

  4d-life's model of layers for companies

4dlife is the only technology witch you can create your organization.
a) You create the central sphere (C) that will be your intranet, being the core of your business that allows you to efficiently drive information to individuals, groups, locations, projects, departments... Also works proactively driving the information to people who need it. We work relevance.

  Structure of an organization according 4dlife

b) After you create the departments and offices (O-organization) and assign people and permissions.


c) The spheres P are the projects of your organization. Assign people, roles, responsible departments and customer.


d) With the K spheres you can organize the knowledge of your company working areas Q&A, best practices, etc.


e) HALL (H) is the space that the public can see of your organizationi on the web, in the social world. It allows you to have a web 4.0 environment to create community with customers and followers of your brand.
You can co-create, co-innovate, collaborate, focus your communication and products with artificial intelligence and analyze how is your community and how you should target your products.


Now each user has their desktop with all areas with which he has to work. These spheres have a language:
- what you most want,
- the number of people working there,
- activity inside the sphere.
The central sphere contains the user's page, where he has everything that has created and shared, as well as his intelligent CV that is updated with his activity.

  4dlife's spheres navigation technology

The users can browse the entire organization, offices, projects, departments and knowledge.



  People using 4dlife technology

The central sphere contains the user's page, where he has everything that has created and shared, as well as his intelligent CV that is updated with his activity.

  4dlife's personal CRISOL

Each user is unique in 4dlife. We got it with our CRISOL® technology. Thus, we guarantee the personalization of information, to konw the relational map of each person and their evolution, efficiently search for people based on multiple variables, see the how somebody fits in one department, team, etc.


Document Management System

4dlife analyzes your documents and detects the language, autotags and makes an automatic summarization. From this point we relate and build document management company automatically, with AI. No longer you need traditional programs.

Documents treatment documents with AI in 4dlife
5 4dlife Univer of relationships inside a Company

Artificial Intelligence

This is a complex map of information of your company.

Our goals are:
1. Proactivity:
to understand the person
and offer what he need for evolution

2. Relate information:
and break the physical barriers of the company.

3. Understanding:
to know what is the company and see how it evolves.



Video about 4dlife ORG, for organizations & companies



Video about 4V, the intelligent CV of 4dlife




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