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In 4dlife we create the new generation of Smart City based on our web 4.0 ® technology, connected in cloud. Several Smart Cities can make up a Smart Region. This ecosystem includes hyperiched information citizens, businesses, public agencies, culture, education, services and shopping, creating a dynamic environment where citizens and tourists discover a living territory that suits them, while inspiring cities providing the offer in real time answering the true demand.

We create a new model of citizen called HYPERCITIZEN®: any person who is related to a city or region without residing in it, and who wants that his stay will be a unique experience and stay connected to the region. It allows us to create territories with communities beyond its inhabitants.

Building a Smart City with 4dlife. Hypercitizens

The tourist relationship based on feeling, experiencing and growing with your territory.

A new model of Smart City in which the person is the center. For us, the person is the very most important thing, Supply and demand are using Artificial Intelligence connecting people, interests, products, information, business, utilities and councils in a single environment. For us, the person is paramount. We create technology that guarantee that the user to be unique allowing him an incredible experience. This technology is called CRISOL®.

New tourism model, tailored to each individual, allowing to discover the city in a total personalized way. With direct channels of communication, inspiration in real time all the territory allowing to create new business opportunities in real time.

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