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4dlife is a revolutionary new web concept, called web 4.0, that can integrate, into a single environment, personal and professional areas, where the content is showed by 4dlife spheres® that collect information about personal and professional interests.

The 4dlife spheres® navegation is the Personal Universe® of the user: this is is a visual, friendly and intuitive navigation where the person is the center of all, into a society or a company.

4dlife's spheres


4dlife navigation technology based in spheres

In the spheres navigation you can see how the information fits with the user and how it evolves.

You can also go beyond your Personal Pniverse®, browsing the entire company, projects, offices, departments and knowledge (in 4dlife ORG), or by a web 4.0 Social Network, on the basis of interests, cities, companies or markets (4dlife SOC) watching as the system evolves in real time.


Web 4.0 decalog

The heart of 4dlife is the decalog of web 4.0® (writed in 2006 year); all our philosophy and technology is based on this.

1. All people are unique
2. People evolve and must have a unique relationship with information.
3. User attracts and inspires the information you need in real time.
4. The data is created democratically and carry no weight and no intervention of a system that decides based on the recommendation interests of third parties.
5. We rely on living systems and fractal models.


6. work with artificial intelligence.
7. Navigation is allowing graphical and see how it evolves based on the user information is organized.
8. We focus information proactively.
9. We represent all reality, creating a new reality.
10. We fight the negative effects of globalization with Reverse Globalization®.













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