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4dlife is a technological start-up based in Barcelona city, Spain.
We create and develop the web 4.0.



The company was founded in 2011 by Javier Córdoba and Domingo de la Muela.

Some of our honors are:

2011 - Finalist at the World Congress of Innovation, HIT.

2011 - Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award.

2011 - 4dlife is a strategic project for Europe by CDTI (Ministry of Industry of Spain) with a NEOTEC I = 350,000 €, maximum grant of R+D+i.

2012 - Acc1ó forum. 4dlife is one of the five most innovative companies in Catalonia (Spain). The more, according to investors.

2013 - CDTI - NEOTEC INNVIERTE. 4dlife named one of the five most innovative ICT companies in Spain.

2013 - Crowdfunding: more than 80 friends, colleagues and family invest in 4dlife over € 350K.

2013 - Javier Córdoba has been considered one of the 5 KEY SPEAKERS of Innovation Live World Congress in Colombia.

2014 - Javier was selected by the Government as one of the most innovative executives of Catalonia (Spain).

2014 - Barcelona City Council presents 4dlife to SIMO Innovation Awards.

2015 - Javier is chosen as Global Technological Leader in Barcelona Digital Global Congress.

2015 - 4dlife present its technology in a conference in BDigital Global Congress.

2015 - 4d-life is invited by the Government of the European Union to Brussels to explain its innovative models to create Smart Cities.

2015 - VIP speaker at FICOD Congress (Madrid).

2016 - VIP speaker at FICOD - International Congress of Digital Content.

2017 - Speaker in TurisTIC (International Tourism Forum)

In 4d-life we are dedicated to innovate and to apply our philosophy and technology creating a new Web model, which we call Web 4.0. Some say 4d-life makes quantum physics on the Web (vice-rector of the UAB). And that is our passion, connect and transform businesses and society in a positive way.


To know more about us, please visit our website areas.


Some partners who believed in us are:

intelekta T-Systems
IBM Deutsche Telekom




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