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4dlife team, Equipo de 4dlife
4dlife team, Equipo de 4dlife


About job offers

In 4dlife  we're looking for a talented Frontend and Backend Web Developers, Project Managers, Architects, Scientifics and Business Professionals to join our office in Barcelona, Spain.
If you want to be a part of our team you must have an advanced English & spirit to work in a very innovative company.


* Complete projects/tasks in a timely and quality manner and according to requeriments and deadlines.
* Review and suppor current programs/projects/tasks and make recommendations for improvement.
* Working as a part of one the 4dlife's Labs or staff & business lines professionals.

What do we expect from you?

* Think out of the box (creative and find ways to look for solution).
* Simply love coding web applications.
* Ability to learn quickly and adopt new technologies.
* Desire to continuously improve software engineering and coding skills
* High analytical skills and conceptual approach to the problem.
* Good flexibility, independence and self-organisation to prioritise task(s) and jump between multiple jobs and requests.
* Team player attitude; solid positive energy.
* Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work independently and with a group.
* Responsible, reliable, proactive.

If you are developer,
your daily work will include the following tasks:

* Writing robust, maintainable, extendable, scalable and reusable code.
* Supporting your code with unit test.
* Working using cutting edge technologies.
* Working with agile methodologies.


Front-end developer

Back-end developer

Must know one of following frameworks or similar: Angular.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js

Some web framework (i.e. Django (preferred), Rails, Laravel, Yii, etc.)

Extensive knowledge in JavaScript(OOP).

Script language experience (i.e. Python (preferred), Ruby, PHP, Perl)

Extensive knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3

API's / web services (RESTful)

JSON, Less / Sass


Responsive Design, Bootstrap

Git or Mercurial

Git or Mercurial

1 year experience

1 year experience


Webkit animation CSS3 (big plus)




D3.js, Jquery.js, Knockout.js, Grunt.js

NoSQL (i.e. MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, GraphDBs)


Experience with external structures (i.e. Lucene, Solr, Redis)








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