welcome to 4dlife
4dlife is a start-up located in Barcelona, Spain.
We create and develop the new Internet models
of the XXI century
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4dlife's Personal Universe ®
4dlife's Personal Universe ®

what we do

We develop the technology called 4dlife. 4dlife is based on the web 4.0 paradigm and it's considered as a whole universe that could be broken down into:
4dlife Smart Territory / SOC is the only technology that allows you to create and transform Social environments creating Smart Cities and Smart Territories in a revolutionary way of connecting everything, everywhere.
4dlife ORG is the technology with which you can build the most innovative intranet and extranets models. With 4dlife ORG you can create and connect workers, companies, organizations, vendors, customers, groups of companies or organizations, representing and connecting all with Artificial Intelligence helping to innovate in a revolutionary way to work and collaborate in XXI Century.


4dlife smart territory

Based on our Web 4.0, we create a digital universe for Smart Territories connected in cloud where the person is the core.
We aim to meet the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to promote territories.
Digital territories with new AI models connecting people, companies and governments.
The person is unique, he/she is the centre of information and everything that interests him is organised around him.
Citizens are connected by their interests and their sum maps the dynamic interests of the territory.
Our technology is proactive, with the user inspiring and attracting the information they need at the time they need it.


4dlife org

4dlife develops very innovative technologies with web 4.0® for companies, group of companies and organizations (governments, town halls, hospitals, universities, museums,...). It´s our 4dlife ORG solution.
4dlife is a strategic project for your organization that will lead you to knowledge, innovation and leadership, with our model of AI.
1. With 4dlife you create a new layer in your organization allowing to build a new way to organize and navigate, connect people and manage information.
2. 4dlife is the only technology witch you can create & navegate your organization watching how it evolves.
3.Personal and Organization Spheres Universes that evolve with AI in real time.


the concept: origin

The heart of 4dlife is the decalog of web 4.0® (writed in 2006 year); all our philosophy and technology is based on this.
1. All people are unique.
2. People evolve and must have a unique relationship with information.
3. User attracts and inspires the information you need in real time.
4. The data is created democratically and carry no weight and no intervention of a system that decides based on the recommendation interests of third parties.
5. We rely on living systems and fractal models.
6. The core is artificial intelligence.
7. Graphical navigation allows to see how your Universe evolves.
8. Information has to be proactive .
9. We represent all reality creating a new reality .
10. We fight the negative effects of globalization with our Reverse Globalization ®.


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work with us

In 4dlife we're looking for a talented Frontend and Backend Web Developers, Project Managers, Architects, Scientifics and Business Professionals to join us.
If you want to be a part of our team you must have a spirit to work in a very innovative company.
What do we expect from you?
* Think out of the box (creative and find ways to look for solution).
* Simply love design & coding web applications.
* Ability to learn quickly and adopt new technologies.
* Desire to continuously improve software engineering and coding skills.
* High analytical skills and conceptual approach to the problem.
* Good flexibility, independence and self-organisation to prioritise tasks and jump between multiple jobs and requests.
* Team player attitude; solid positive energy.
* Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work independently and with a group.
* Responsible, reliable, proactive.

say hello

4dlife is located in the city of Barcelona, Spain.
We will be happy to read your mail at: @4dlife